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What is Agility?

Agility is a competitive sport for dogs where the dog’s owner navigates them through an obstacle course made up of jumps, tunnels, weave poles and other obstacles, and can be done for fun or by competing in agility trials. In competition, dogs are scored on their accuracy and speed in completing the course, and can earn awards in various ability levels.


Doonies Agility


Why Do Dog Agility?

Because we love our dogs!

Dog agility is an exciting way for people to participate in a sport with their best friend. The ability for dog owners to train their dogs, and to teach them new skills through agility training classes, results in improved balance and coordination, and better-behaved and happier dogs. It also gives dog owners an opportunity to interact and bond with their dogs; time spent with their dogs brings happiness and great joy.


Agility Trials:

November 18-20, 2016

Next Meeting:

September 12, 2016,  Dinner at 6:15pm, Meeting at 7:00pm

Blue Corn Harvest Bar & Grill, 700 E. Whitestone Blvd., Suite B-204, Cedar Park, TX 78613, (512) 528-0889, www.bluecornharvest.com  (Located off 1431, between Quest Parkway and Discovery Blvd., to see map click here)

April MACH Titles

CDTCH Congratulations Header_edited-2

Jennifer Phillips and Ryan

Kelly McMaster and Jig

Susan Ramsbottom and Lilly

Susan earned her first PACH.



 In order to acquire the title, a dog must achieve a minimum of 750 championship points and 20 double qualifying scores obtained from the Master Preferred Standard Agility class and the Master Preferred Jumpers with Weaves class.


 To learn more about Agility Trial Titles click here.

Cathy Gott and Hale

Laura Hiatt and Roubaix

We Had a Great Trial on Halloween Weekend!

To see more of the colorful and scary creatures click on the image…