Etiquette Rules

Class Etiquette Rules

The safety of people and dogs is the club’s highest priority. Our instructors work very hard to make agility fun and safe for you and your dog. Therefore, students attending our classes are not permitted on any of the equipment unsupervised.

Dogs must be under the owner’s control at all times. Dogs must be crated or in exercise pens if not training or held by owner on a leash. The club reserves the right to excuse any dog that demonstrates aggression against people or other dogs

Please try to potty your dog before coming to class. If your dog does have an accident, you are responsible for the cleanup. Scoopers and bags are provided for your use.

Class is a time for you to develop a working relationship with your dog that is based on mutual enjoyment for both. Please avoid dog interactions such as sniffing and romping with other class dogs. When you arrive early, use your time to organize your belongings and warm up your dog with flat work exercises as demonstrated by your instructor. Be aware of your working space in order to avoid interfering with other class students.

CDTCA Training Fields Usage Rules for Club Members

Please be advised that the field on Woodland Trails is private property . The owners request the courtesy of prior notification to your arrival for open practice times via email or phone call.


If you notice equipment in need of repair email

If you lower any contacts, please return them to full height and keep the old dog walk low for training purposes.

Return the number cones and collapsible chute to the storage box at the entrance gate and replace the stone on top of the storage box.


Club members are expected to clean up after your dogs. A scooper and pail is provided for your use as well as a trash can, both are located by the front entrance gate to the field. A fenced potty area is provided at the back end of the field for your use.


Lights and Gates

The breaker box for the lights is located by the gate between the field and the owners house. Flip all the breakers to turn on/off lights. Be sure to close and latch all gates, including the main entrance gate to the property.


Open Practice

If a club member is using the field upon your arrival, please ask permission to enter and allow them time to put their dog under control before entering. The person already using the field has the option of using the field without sharing for a period of twenty minutes.

If you are practicing on the field with other handlers and dogs, do short sequences to avoid collisions or take turns on longer sequences. Be aware of what obstacles are being used by others.


CDTCA and the Owners are not responsible for injuries to people or dogs using the agility training field or equipment.