FastCAT® is a sport that is becoming more popular every day. The term FastCAT® is a 100 yard dash for dogs, where dogs chase a lure pulled in front of the dog by a lure coursing machine. They are timed for a 100-yards, and the time is then handicapped based on the dogs height and converted into MPH. Each dog runs one at a time and collects their MPH points for each run. The first title is the BCAT title which is earned when a dog reaches 150 points. Additional titles are earned as the dog collects additional points for each run in a FastCAT trial.

Upcoming Events

Currently all of our FastCat Events are on hold, we are working to bring them back soon and will post here as soon as we have more information.

CDTCA FastCAT® Trials are held at
A Refined Canine, Georgetown, TX

Premiums are located at:

American Kennel Club